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  • Maritime Integrated Services MIS members of SCEG and as such are at the forefront of establishing the content of Security, Medical and Firearms training for Maritime Security Officers with HMG government. Read more

  • The international relationship Perpetual Resources Group International has built and fostered with other military,

  • PRG Intl has developed a unique approach to customised training and development based on specific needs of clients and Competency Based Training.

  • Through our dedicated Research and Development Division, we provide highly sophisticated advisement and consultancy, offering innovative and effective solutions to armed forces

Executive Summary

Business and political reforms of the last decade in particular in the Middle East and North Africa regions; have highlighted a critical issue for most developed and developing nations. The development of vigorous skills to manage security and emergency management related issues is an integral outcome of any organisation that is concerned with managing, surviving or dealing with today’s world events.

Despite the incredibly high profile this issue has on the world stage, there still appears to be a complete absence of a dedicated, professional, turnkey solution provider tasked to consolidate training and capability building,  to deliver contemporary and proactive solutions in a national and international environment.

Undoubtedly, there are many providers that have reputations for excellence in flexible, user-based methodologies, but there are few organisations that provide continued assistance to ensure the growth and professionalism of its clients. Whilst there is a rising international demand for customised human capital solutions to address the emerging needs of government and industry, the significance of dedicated human resource management in the areas of law enforcement, emergency management and security functions, particularly in the area of corporate security in vulnerable environments such as oil, gas and petroleum should not be over stated

This emerging trend is largely a consequence of the changing nature of protection and the requisite management approach.

Our mission title is synonymous with our real aspiration to contribute to the communities we serve; and we base our aspirations on the events of the last decade which have had a fundamental impact on the demand for human capitol solutions in the security and law enforcement industry

Situated in Knowledge Village Dubai, with representation in Bahrain, Qatar, Libya and United Arab Emirates, and further regional representation soon in Oman, Kuwait and Morocco, PRG Intl is strategically placed to capture a diverse client base from the international community.  

PRG Intl is an innovative, leading edge, readily accessible, single point of reference for law enforcement, Military, Governments and related industry clients.

Through its international marketing strategy, PRG Intl delivers a unique range of customised services in collaboration with other internationally creditable strategic partners, generating the following benefits by utilising the expertise of its three divisions:

As a first-class international operational, consulting and training organisation, PRG Intl plays a significant role in the increased national security initiatives of the Middle East and North African (MENA) regions; we are ideally placed to deliver to national and international clients customised and innovative training, consultancy and operational programs in various specialist areas such as crisis management, counter terrorism, command and control operations, and contemporary international policing and security practices to name a few.