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  • Maritime Integrated Services MIS members of SCEG and as such are at the forefront of establishing the content of Security, Medical and Firearms training for Maritime Security Officers with HMG government. Read more

  • The international relationship Perpetual Resources Group International has built and fostered with other military,

  • PRG Intl has developed a unique approach to customised training and development based on specific needs of clients and Competency Based Training.

  • Through our dedicated Research and Development Division, we provide highly sophisticated advisement and consultancy, offering innovative and effective solutions to armed forces



There is no “one size fits all” answer to the need for on-going personnel training and development, especially in the areas of Military, Law Enforcement, Security and Emergency Services. As the environment we live and operate in on a daily basis continues to change, so must our approach to meeting the challenges presented by these changes. 

PRG Intl has developed a unique approach to customised training and development based on specific needs of clients and Competency Based Training.

Our programs take the idea of training and development far beyond the classroom with real-life, hands-on exercises and scenarios, empowering students with a “live” experience of practical application in each designated area of study.

Our philosophy is to be committed to exceeding our client expectations in training and development by providing:

  • ISO 9001 compliant training and development
  • Practical and realistic approach in accordance with the governing policies and procedures of the client organisation
  • Basic, progressive and advanced level training
  • Effective training with an emphases on individual safety and liability reduction

We place emphasis on student-instructor interaction as well as demonstration of operational knowledge through the actual application of techniques learned.

Our training and development specialists have successfully developed and instituted hundreds of customised training programs. Below is a list, not exhaustive, of the most popular PRG Intl training programs:

  • Emergency Vehicle Operations
  • Firearms Safety Programs
  • Firearms/Tactical Shooting
  • Advanced Riot Control
  • K-9 Drug Detection                  
  • K-9 Currency Detection
  • K-9 Arson Detection
  • Explosives Foundation
  • Border Protection
  • Search and Rescue Team Leadership
  • Critical Infrastructure Security and Protection
  • Leadership Assessment and Development                                       
  • Mounted Police Riot Control Techniques

PRG Intl Training Programs

Providing a comprehensive array of innovative training solutions across specialised areas, PRG Intl programs provide the perfect balance of academic and traditional law enforcement, corporate and military training pathways.

Accredited courses ranging from Certificate I to Advanced Diploma level will enable existing workers to enter new career paths and expand their current working capabilities, while specialist skills training will allow organisations to ensure that their staff members have the appropriate skills and knowledge to carry out their operations in an efficient and safe manner.

All PRG Intl clients have access to the following endorsed training programs:

Accredited Australian Training Qualifications and/or Endorsed Training

Security and Risk Management

Certificates I, II & III in Security Operations

Certificate IV & Diploma in Security and Risk Management

Advanced Diploma Management - Strategic Risk Management

Leadership and Team Management

Certificate IV Frontline Management

Certificate IV and Diploma in Project Management

Certificate IV in Training and Education


International Counter Terrorism and Security


Emergency Planning & Crisis Management

Negotiator training

General Security

Transit guards

Managing the Security Function

Aviation Security

International Ship and Port Facility Security

Government and Corporate Security

Diplomatic security (Target hardening)

Risk Management and Security for the Corporate Sector

Criminology & Law


Certificate IV in Criminology

Investigative Training

Certificate III Investigative Services

Certificate IV in Government Investigations

Investigative techniques

Investigations for the Government Sector

Crime Scene management

Interviewing techniques

Intelligence (Covert operations)

Surveillance Training

Surveillance Management

Rural Surveillance

Technical Surveillance

Motorcycle Surveillance

Anti  and Counter Surveillance

Kidnap and extortion

Scenario-based intelligence capability assessment

Community Policing Issues

Community Policing

Communications Skills

Conflict resolution/Negotiation skills

Telephone skills

Computer literacy

Report Writing


Occupational Health & Safety

Senior Management Seminars and Forums

Agenda relevant to contemporary issues


International Training Delivery

PRG Intl delivers superior international training utilising flexible and contextualised learning programs and relevant high-quality courses through its local, state and international networks.  It offers a range of non-Police accredited security and investigative courses; its investigative courses use experienced investigators with extensive vocational training qualifications.

Responsible for the promotion and delivery of its programs, PRG Intl primarily delivers customised courses within the client country. 

PRG Intl is currently the only UAE based training provider conducting high-level, accredited international training in security. 

It utilises an innovative mix of environmental and learning factors including creative building design, cutting-edge technology and inspirational teaching methods to deliver the latest in skills and knowledge.

PRG Intl promotes an atmosphere of learning, participation and flexibility for both staff and students by:

  • Encouraging student participation in learning/teaching evaluations to improve customised course delivery and customer service; 
  • Rewarding PRG Intl lecturers and staff for innovation and inspiration to encourage a creative work/learning environment;
  • Leveraging practically based security and law enforcement research and development to market PRG Intl as a leader in training, service delivery and technique at the forefront of state, national and international industry forums and discussions.

Efficient Use of Resources

PRG Intl has created an efficient pooling of resources and training programs, extending and improving outreach abilities to domestic and international public and private organisations interested in security, military, emergency management and law enforcement training. 

Complementary Learning Pathways

PRG Intl courses give clients access to the wealth of PRG Intl resources, a global network of partner and affiliate training and higher education organisations and established complementary learning pathways. 

PRG Intl clients will benefit from the relationship with members who already share resources and facilities, have developed mutually beneficial alliances and 'best practice' academic programs, including a range of pathways permitting students to gain credits for studies at one institution towards a qualification at another institution.

As a cutting-edge training provider of choice, PRG Intl benefits the recipients of training by enhancing their career progression opportunities within their respective organisations.

PRG Intl offers customised professional development courses, which lead strongly to career progression for graduating students, complemented by an appropriate mentoring and coaching program.  Students will also be able to gain a recognised vocational or higher-level qualification.

To facilitate the increase in client capability, PRG Intl only engages appropriately qualified academic staff members who are self-motivated and enthusiastic, with a high degree of initiative and drive.  The integrity and professionalism of all PRG Intl staff members will always be demonstrated at a high-level.