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  • Maritime Integrated Services MIS members of SCEG and as such are at the forefront of establishing the content of Security, Medical and Firearms training for Maritime Security Officers with HMG government. Read more

  • The international relationship Perpetual Resources Group International has built and fostered with other military,

  • PRG Intl has developed a unique approach to customised training and development based on specific needs of clients and Competency Based Training.

  • Through our dedicated Research and Development Division, we provide highly sophisticated advisement and consultancy, offering innovative and effective solutions to armed forces

EW Solution (EWS)

Through Our strong Strategic alliance with EW Solution (EWS)  we are now at the forefront of revolutionising the content of:

  • Electronic Warfare (EW)
  • Electronic Counter Measures (ECM)
  • Counter IED (C-IED) and Intelligence domains

 EWS boasts a team of domain knowledge experts that encompass the full spectrum of EW, C-IED and Intelligence.  Whether the focus is EW, C-IED, Force Protection ECM, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), Military Staff Officers and EW Operations Officers.

EWS has successfully taken this military and law enforcement expertise and adapted it to the ommercial sector and has a proven pedigree in supporting industry at all levels.

EOD ECM or Intelligence operations or advice, our specialists excel in providing class leading onsultancy, support and training.  Having operated at every level of the operational military command structure, from Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) and Communications Intelligence (COMINT) operators through to, C-IED advisors, C-IED Senior Instructors, Military Staff Officers and EW Operations Officers.  This pedigree provides us with a unique insight into the different demands and dynamics that drive a successful program, project or training solution.

Our Combined ability allows us to deliver concise but accurate advice and support, on time and within budgetary constraints is the cornerstone of EWS consultancy services.  To maintain our operational and technical awareness we retain close relationships with key stakeholders across government, operational and commercial domains.  This ensures the team remains up to date on current technical capability and also fully equips and prepares us to deal with an ever evolving hybrid threat.

EWS consultancy disciplines include:

  • Operational analysis in preparation for multi-level operations
  • Threat analytics and assessment
  • Capability development, development  of relevant doctrine, policy and procedure
  • International Capacity Building
  • External validation of existing doctrine
  • Operational equipment support policies and programs
  • Client working group representation at all levels
  • Programme level training and training management support

Manufacturing support, including:

  • system ergonomics
  • system operation
  • equipment support policy documentation
  • repair & overhaul programs

EWS is unique in the EW, C-IED, Intelligence and Force Protection ECM domains.  As an organisation that is fully independent of equipment providers, they are in the exceptional position of being able to provide domain knowledge expertise to industry and to government communities.  they take pride in their professionalism and in the level of service they offer.