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  • Maritime Integrated Services MIS members of SCEG and as such are at the forefront of establishing the content of Security, Medical and Firearms training for Maritime Security Officers with HMG government. Read more

  • The international relationship Perpetual Resources Group International has built and fostered with other military,

  • PRG Intl has developed a unique approach to customised training and development based on specific needs of clients and Competency Based Training.

  • Through our dedicated Research and Development Division, we provide highly sophisticated advisement and consultancy, offering innovative and effective solutions to armed forces

Times Gone By

Brief History

PRG Intl is not a new concept, but rather an extension and enhancement to over 20 years of business capabilities and concepts.

Through carefully planned, well implemented strategic direction and our organisational structure PRG Intl has created a single point of reference”for all our client’s needs, a turnkey solution which not only serve our current clients but one which has been instrumental in dedicating change and creating policies.

Our goal has been to provide first rate, cost effective turnkey solutions to a wide range of clientele.

Considerable time and expenditure has been invested in PRG Intlto date, with specialised management personnel that has the desired skills to design and deliver a wide range of services.

PRG Intl through its corporate structure, the right strategies and associations, has reached and exceeded all expectations.

Over a short period of time in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) we have established ourselves as a leading turnkey solution provider to the Law Enforcement, Military, Security and Emergency services sectors.

During our history in the MENA we have provided services to the following departments only to name a few:

  • Corrections
  • Police Special Tasks departments
  • Police Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit
  • Police K9 division
  • Immigration and Customs
  • Border Patrol
  • Police mounted unit
  • Traffic Police
  • Criminal Investigations Department
  • Child Protection agency
  • Maritime and Aviation